Friday, September 01, 2006

These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things

Binkys & Blankies

Hey Everyone I am going on my first road trip this weekend. I will do fine but not sure about Mommy & Daddy! We are going to Kansas City to meet my Grandma Carol & Papa Bill and my cousin Olivia and her family. I am so excited to see them. And thats not it!! On the way home we are going to stop and see my Mommy's friend Rhonda and her family. She just moved from California a few months ago. It is going to be a fun trip. I bet my Mom and Dad will have a lot of pictures to show. Have a safe Labor Day weekend.



Me! said...

Hi Christy,

Have a safe trip. I check your blog for updates and the pics are very cute. Pat's wife is in labor today so I will have my fist nephew soon...Landon. Tell Rhonda I said "hi". Where did she move to?

B'Sue said...

Have fun, say Hi for me!