Thursday, September 28, 2006

I Can Do This???

Hey Everyone!
I am getting ready to go back to work next Wednesday and I am having a really hard time with this. So I am asking that you all send me positive thoughts or prayers whatever you do! I need it. Thank you!!!!

Christy & Samuel


Rachella said...

YOU ARE GOING TO BE FINE!!!! It is normal to not want to go back, but I promise you will be fine! I don't ususally get all biblical...but with God all things are possible. So there!! :)~

Elizabeth said...

How about a practice day at daycare first? Just for an hour or two. I've heard it's a hard day. I'll be thinking about you.

B'Sue said...

You have already made the "BOND" with Samuel. You are imprinted on his mind and as long as you get to spend a period of time with him each day... he will be great.Trust me, You will be fine and teaching him that he will be ok even when Mom his at work is much easier on him the younger you start.