Monday, November 20, 2006

Fa La La La La La....

I love Christmas time! Deck the halls, tis the season, jingle bells-love it all. And I am already in the Christmas spirit. Apparently a heck of a lot of people are. Dave and I did our weekend ritual of driving around neighborhoods looking at houses. Visions of buying one danced in our head (I told you I love Christmas)....Ok but what I am getting at is people are already hanging up lights. Isn't that against the rules? Aren't you suppose to wait until after Thanksgiving? I want to go all out this year, I want a snow globe in my front yard. Of course you know what Dave thinks about that. I am not giving up though! I can't wait to decorate the tree. Forget my traditional red and silver tree this year. Nope I am doing all the colors no rhyme or reason just Christmas. I can't wait to see Samuel's face. I am also attempting a Christmas Letter this year to send with our Christmas cards. You know that it is not easy to write. I am SO not creative. I even "googled" how to write a christmas letter. Maybe I will let Samuel write it. Is all this talk about Christmas making anyone sick yet??? I know, I know lets get through Turkey Day..gobble gobble.

I also love my dear husband who will not get mad at me for posting another picture from Samuel's "photo shoot" this weekend......Doesn't he know me well enough to know that I don't ALWAYS listen.

P.S. Samuel helped me type this. I only had to hit backspace ten times.


Diane said...

Christy they are so precious. Where did you have them taken? We get ours on Friday! I'm so excited. :)

Rachella said...

His pirctures turned out so great. I am going to Sears on 21st now.