Thursday, November 16, 2006


Tomorrow we go to the doctor for Samuel's 4 month check up. And I am considering bringing this picture as proof that Samuel does do tummy time and enjoys it. Ok, so maybe the "enjoys" it is a bit of a fib....Ok a big fib. He hates it. I am not going to lie. This picture was about 10 seconds into tummy time. 45 seconds into tummy time I had a very unhappy lip quivering baby. So then I took him off tummy time. Only slightly spoiled. But for those of you that have babies who actually enjoy tummy time, I envy you.

Today is Rachella' birthday so I dedicate this post to her. Happy Birthday!


Rachella said...

I can't believe how big our boys are getting. Tonight I had two margarita's for my bday and felt it. Think of all the previous bdays we celebrated...and how differnt those days were. Crazy!

Anonymous said...

Marielle was born on July 11th. Sam on the 12th right?

Diane said...

Marielle goes for her 4 month shots next week. I got more upset than her last time! It's such a different cry when they are in pain... breaks my heart! I know how you feel!