Tuesday, November 07, 2006

This Is A Good Thing

Not so surprising, Brittany and Kevin are getting divorced. I know they have 2 kids and that is sad. But that was one dysfunctional marriage. I should know, I was so involved (again courtesy of US Magazine).

Well to make things better, here is a picture of my sweet Samuel sleeping. I hate that he goes to bed so early. Lucky for me I get home from work around 4:30 so I still get ALMOST 2 hours. But Dave does not get home until 6:00 and he gets a half hour MAYBE. But I have polled other Moms and they tell me that as Samuel gets older he will be more interested with everything around and hopefully stay up longer! The Pediatrician said there is no such thing as too much sleep. I guess I should be thankful that even though he goes to bed at 6:30 he will usually sleep until 6:00 AM.
Oh I just saw a head pop up...and oh WOW he just let out a huge burp. The loudest burp I have heard. All better and back to sleep.


Rachella said...

Sam looks so content, daddy looks pretty happy too I might add.

I am glad to hear that Caleb and Sam can hang out again. haha

B'Sue said...

love this pix

Diane said...

definately try him in the exersaucer. I put Marielle in situations a little above her age level, and she usually excels. It's my little way of making me feel like my baby is the smartest! Hee hee! Make sure you post a picture!