Tuesday, November 28, 2006

I don't know why I like to post pictures that will surely embarrass Samuel one day. But I do! We had an appointment today so Samuel and I got the afternoon off. He is happily playing in his exersaucer and I am taking a moment to blog. We had a fun trip to Nebraska, though when did a 4 day trip start requiring so much "stuff"?? We had to set an hour aside just to pack up. Samuel loved talking and playing with his Grandma Carol and Papa Bill. We also got to visit one of Dave's friends from college Jackie and her daughter Meredith. Dave's parents are moving to Omaha so we looked at houses for them on Saturday with Amy, Mike and Olivia. Samuel decided this would be the perfect time to nap so we mainly stayed in the car.
I will post some pictures of the Christmas tree that, yes, is already up! But for now I need to tend to a bored baby.

Oh one more thing GO HUSKERS! We get to play OU this weekend. Dave's kegarator has been empty for about 2 weeks so I am pretty for certain he will be replacing the keg. Hopefully he has "beers" of joy!

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Rachella said...

I am sure he will love you for it anyway..