Friday, February 08, 2008

Ladies Man

Samuel has a new nickname at school "Ladies Man". Apparently he is already girl crazy. His teacher and I had a conversation yesterday about how has to give all the girls kisses when they leave. In fact he gave one girl a kiss on her butt as we left because she was leaning in the toy box when he went to say bye. When I say you need to kiss girls butts, I don't mean it literally.

This afternoon he and two girls were the last ones there and I guess Samuel spent his time giving them each kisses back and forth (he denied his teacher one when she asked). She was also sure to explain to him that when they are older that would not go over very well. As we were leaving he stopped and gave one of the little girls a kiss....ON THE LIPS! She was a blonde if you wondered, the other girl was a brunette.

Well, at least we aren't getting anymore bite reports.

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