Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Oh What A Night

I was just informed it was a full moon last night..which explains a lot. After all when I went into labor with Samuel early it was a full moon too!

We had an interesting day, which started with my back killing me! I blamed the frickin' bowling ball that I am carrying around in my stomach but guess it was more than that. But I went to work and came home and did that Mom stuff. By about 7:00 I decided that it may not be a good thing that my bowling ball kept tightening up and called the nurse. They said to go to the hospital sounded like pre-term labor. I was of course hoping that for once I could have been overreacting and that the monitor would say no contractions. But it didn't, in fact it showed contractions every 2 minutes (whoops). They were able to give me medicine to stop them and our little man did not appear in distress the entire time. Our other little man Samuel on the other hand was a bit freaked out, so I was happy when I found someone to come meet Dave at home and watch Samuel. We had to bring him to the hospital and it wasn't a place for him. He left just in time to miss all the needles I got poked with. I don't do well with needles. But the good thing is that he has now been there and seen his Mommy hooked up to monitors. Hopefully that will help when it is the real thing and he gets to come meet his brother.

We don't know what caused the contractions but all my tests looked normal. I am going to the doctor today and should know more. But I decided to stay home and rest today....and of course blog.

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