Sunday, February 03, 2008

No, It Isn't Christmas

Samuel went 24 hours with no fever...that is the requirement to go back to school. He was probably ready to go back today. We tried to keep him in yesterday but today he was not having it. He kept bringing me his jacket (and Santa hat???) trying to take me outside. I finally let him go out and it was all over, it was a beautiful day and Samuel wanted to enjoy it. So he spent most of the day out there with his Dad mostly.

His breathing sounds much better today which is good. We have been doing breathing treatments every 3 hours...faithfully. Although, I can't take credit Dave really has been doing them. Apparently when the alarm went off during the night I would tell him I would do the treatment in a "couple minutes", good thing he didn't wait for me to get up. I am just preparing him for April when he has to do late night feedings again. Or will it be April? I already thought I was having contractions this week :o). I wasn't, that we know of . They did a stress test and didn't see any contractions. My doctor told me next time that happens to go straight to labor and delivery because of Samuel being early. Does she not realize I can't just go to the hospital?? I have a friend who offered to come over to take care of Samuel when I go into labor and I can't have too many false alarms or when the real thing comes she will take her time. I was quite proud of myself with Samuel, the only time I went to the hospital was when I was IN labor.

How did I go from a Samuel update to my "contractions"?? Oh yes, his breathing is much better. They were pretty worried on Friday night at the doctor because he was wheezing so bad. How I missed that I don't know. So they did xrays, tested him for RSV and the flu. Based on yesterday's post it was the flu. Who knew the flu wasn't always stomach related? Maybe you did, but we didn't. The only person who got a flu shot this year was Samuel, so Dave and I are waiting for our flu......

Well, I need to go check on my little Samuel. Have a great week!

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