Sunday, May 04, 2008


It's getting easier with two around. I have come to realize that I can't return every phone call, keep my house in complete order, or be on time (or early) to anything. But that is okay, the boys are in charge. We are slowly coming up with a routine and my body is getting use to the lack of sleep. I am still waiting for the night when Dave tells me that he will get up for the 3:00 AM feeding but that hasn't happened. Maybe for Mother's Day.

Last week we went on our first road trip. Well, we minus Dave, he was in Philadelphia for work. I packed up the boys (and what seemed like the entire house) and headed down to Texas to see my parents. The road trip part of it was actually quite relaxing. Samuel and I talked and sang and Cooper slept. Apparently we didn't drive them too crazy because they are letting us come back. My Grandma is visiting from Florida so I want her to meet her 11th great grand-baby (9th great grandson).

I am going back to work in 3 weeks. I was hoping to be be able to stay off for 12 weeks with Cooper, but my bed-rest cut that short. I think that will be easier this time too. I had a rough time before I went back with Samuel and AM SO glad that I don't seem to be going through that again. I think my family and friends are too :o). I still hate to leave the little guy but I know he will still love me best and be in good hands. I have complete trust in our daycare they treat Samuel like he is one of their own. They are always so happy to see Cooper when we go pick up Samuel each day too.

As you can see above the boys are still bonding. Samuel loves being the BIG brother but still hates sharing. He also continues to test out all of Cooper's toys. I just can't wait for the day when Cooper takes his first item from Samuel.


The Burdick family said...

Oh be careful what you wish for.............once little man starts destroying big mans stuff, the battle is on and from then on they are in full combat mode.

Stephanie said...

Oh yeah it's always he can't touch my stuff but I can do WHATEVER i want to