Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Teacher's Week

This week is teacher appreciation week and Samuel's school is celebrating it. This year, like last, they sent home a note telling us it is teacher appreciation week and then give a list of gifts for each day. The instructions aren't very clear, but the impression it gives us is that they are telling us what to bring the teachers each day. Which, I must admit I find weird. I think they should say to choose a day. Or maybe have a day that is have your child make something for the teacher. And it isn't that I don't appreciate ALL they do, I just don't like them telling me what to buy :o). Does that sound horrible?? Here is what is on the list:
Monday- Flowers
Tuesday- Gift cards and cards
Wednesday- Lunch provided by them
Thursday- Sweets
Friday- Special gift

Well, I do appreciate his teachers and you all probably know this since I always say such good things about his school. So we are of course we are helping their celebration. But, Samuel is spending his time in two rooms each with two teachers. And I feel he gets as much from both rooms. Each room also has two afternoon girls which I think deserve a little something too. So teacher's week results in 8 gifts a day. And we couldn't leave out Annie, the cook. She LOVES Samuel so she needed a special gift too. I couldn't do their job! I think it takes someone special to spend 8+ hours a day with 8 one-year olds!

Samuel won't be at school on Friday so I have to bring Thursday and Friday's gifts with me tomorrow. The pictures above are EVERYTHING I need to bring.


Elizabeth said...

that is weird! maybe you could suggest that next year they register . . .

rachella said...

What a thoughtful Mother's Day gift from the school... to make you run around like a crazy woman the whole week before.

Stephanie said...

At the boys school at Christmas they have a wish list but it is all stuff for the classroom...This just seems tactless ...if you ask me.Maybe just a note saying don't forget teacher appreciation week here are some ideas.....