Wednesday, May 07, 2008

A Well Balanced Meal

I am sure I am not the only Mommy out there that struggles with getting their toddler to eat balanced meals. My only saving grace is that at daycare they serve balanced meals and always report that "he ate really good". At home we never can say "he ate really good". The above meal was one we had a few weeks ago. Well, we had steak and Samuel got a kid friendly hot dog. He refused to eat it and made (yes I said made, he is a very bossy kid) me get him some "Froo Loop". Wouldn't even eat a hot dog.

WELL, I am pleased to announce that last night we had a break through. Samuel ate grilled chicken, corn and baked beans for dinner. I wish I took a picture but I didn't want to jinx it. I told Dave that we should cook this every night. I told Samuel how proud of him I was and he said "I know".

I am sure tonight he will go back to the same ol' Samuel and insist on eating "froo loop" or "nugget".


D said...

I'm sorry I didn't warn you! I think everytime I went to try someone puked, or spilled something!

Not to mention I can't hear you screaming for help over the sound of the washing machine that never stops running, or the toys with no volume control! haha!

rachella said...

Thank God my son's not the only picky eater. Today at daycare they said they finally had a snack that Caleb liked. This is the first time since he started two months ago that he ate their snack.