Friday, August 04, 2006

Bath Time!

Samuel lost his cord about 2 weeks ago, but tonight was the first night we were brave enough to give him a real bath. And he loved it! I guess it beats a sponge bath.

Today was a day of "firsts":
  • We survived our first night alone...Dave was out of town for work. Samuel slept more than I did!
  • Samuel went to Blue Cross Blue Shield to meet Mom's coworkers. And they had a baby shower to welcome Samuel.
  • First time out to dinner with Mom and Dad
  • First "real" bath
I don't know who is more tired Samuel or Mommy! Good thing Dad is getting up with him tonight :o).

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mary-the strange cat said...

oh how beuteful it must be to have a little family, a place to be sure that you are loved by a little life and a man of your life...huhhhh...! great!
all best wishes for you three