Saturday, August 19, 2006

Ummm...Mom I Think These Go On My Feet????

My Mom & Dad asked me last night what I was going to do when I can't take pictures of Samuel all the time.

After I faught back the tears because I had visions of going back to work and Samuel going to Koala Care in my heard, I thought I don't know!!!!!!!!!!!!

Do you think Koala Care will find it weird if I ask them to take pictures of Samuel hourly?

I confess, I do take a lot of pictures of my little Samuel. But I can't help it, I am addicted!!! I am a proud Mommy! Oh and Daddy is just as bad!

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B'Sue said...

Just got caught up on all the photos and the company you have had... busy! I enjoy getting to see how Samuel is progressing, so that means you'll just have to keep taking pictures when you get home from work. Love You Guys!