Saturday, August 05, 2006

Never Leave Home Without The Camera

While at our "first" dinner out, I had to change Samuel's diaper. Samuel is such a laid back baby and I felt this picture represented that. I put him down and he laid there like alright get it over with it.

Let me add that I thought Samuel had a "dirty" diaper which is why I was brave enough to use the diaper changing station (that I always wonder do people use those) and was surprised to find clean diaper. Hmmmm...must of let out a little toot. Takes after his Dad :o).

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B'Sue said...

You make a very good mom, Christy. I love to read all about his progress.Sam is lucky to have you and Dave as parents... and he knows it! That's why he is so relaxed. He is thinking, "Yeah, I'm good!"