Wednesday, August 16, 2006


We had a few milestones this week. Samuel has started napping in his crib! Although as you can see when I went to check on him he wasn't exactly napping. But he was happy. Just getting ready for the big transition of moving out of Mommy & Daddy's room. Which will probably be easier on Samuel then it will be on Mommy!

We also followed doctors orders and added more to the bottle. Samuel went 4 hours between feedings Monday & Tuesday night! He still wants to eat every 3 hours during the day, but heck that isn't when I need sleep!

I have officially decided that being a Mom is my calling in life and it wasn't kareoke like I thought. I love it so much. Samuel is such a good baby. We have so much fun spending time together during the day and each day it only gets better. I can't believe it is going so fast. I only have 6 weeks left before going back to work! OH NO!

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Rachella said...

Very sweet. I am happy he went 4 hours at night! That is great. Heck he has caught up with Caleb now on feedings!! I am very happy for you. That's awesome! He is just a doll.