Saturday, August 26, 2006

I Am Going Back To Work..

Okay, so maybe it was only an option in my head that I wasn' t going back to work. But good news! Samuel now eats the super expensive formula with cereal mixed in and (knock on wood) he really seems to be getting better. He doesn't even need to wear a bib when we feed him! The stuff is so thick it can't even run all over his face and clothes. Also, the thickness helps with spittin up. Dave said the once 4 ounce bottle now weighs 2 pounds from all the cereal.

The downside, I have to go back to work and Dave needs to get a second job so that we can pay for the super expensive formula :o). But anything for our little Samuel! He just has expensive taste like his Mom...he probably isn't even allergic to soy, it just was good enough for him. HA HA HA.

Look no pictures!! He hasn't changed much since yeseterday.


Rachella said...

when do you have to go back to work???

Christy said...

4 weeks from this weds. I go back half days for a week!!!!!!