Sunday, January 14, 2007

Day 2....This Is Getting Boring

I am becoming very domesticated while being stuck at home. Yesterday I baked 2 dozen cupcakes and made meatloaf muffins and mashed potatoes. This morning I made homemade hash browns and plan on making some banana bread later today. This little ice storm is so not good on my figure. I eat like I may never get to eat again!

I am a little bummed, I was suppose to start preparing for our Vegas trip. You know, get my hair done and a manicure and pedicure. Not to mention I needed to buy new shoes. Sigh....poor me. We leave Friday and so far no mental breakdown at the thought of leaving Samuel for 3 days! I know he will be in good hands with Grandma Carol and Papa Bill.

While bored, I also decided it was a good time to take out Samuel's high chair. Yesterdays lunch cereal and apple juice! We also tried squash but his red cheeks are back!!??! The red cheeks were what led the doctor to believe he couldn't eat green beans? Could he seriously be allergic to both of those??

Dave said he could get me to the mall safely today. Hmmmm...........

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