Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Rash & Jumper

Ok, when I have my next baby (did I say when-progress it use to be "if") I am going to be a pro. I will NOT email the doctor's office every week (more than once). I swear! I guess you know where this is going. Yes we have a new ailment. Samuel has this rash and the poor little guy is miserable. It is all over his face and ears. It is even on his eyelids! We think it is from his antibiotics which he is now off of. Well I didn't know what I could give him or how much of what I could give him. Although, I did give him Benadryl last night. I called Ann (Dave's sister) instead of the emergency number. I figured a rash was not an emergency. A fever of 100.5 is (ok now I know with babies you don't worry about 100.5) but not a rash. Ann could be my new after hour emergency number :o).

So anyway, I emailed the doctor today. They prescribed steroid that should solve the problem. I made a point of telling them in the email that Samuel doesn't need to come in!

He got his first dose tonight, hopefully he will feel better in the morning. Or at least build some muscles!!

The new favorite toy is the jumper! He is a dancing machine!

This is my last post I will write while in my 20's.

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