Thursday, January 18, 2007

Random Acts Of Kindness

I HATE the ice. Yes I felt that deserved all caps. Today I drove to work and it went fine. Sam's daycare closed early so I left from work to pick him up and cruised on home. I was thinking phew this isn't so bad....that was until I turned on our street!

Pure ice. I slipped a few times but then I got to our driveway. Did my car want to make it up the driveway? Uh no. I sat there and reversed into the street and then gunned it in the driveway. No luck. I get half way there and slllllllliiiiiiiidddddddde back down again. So I called Dave because surely he could fix this from work. He said to park in the street so I slid into the street and parked my car. It isn't over. Next issue the same driveway that did not want to let my car up, did not want to let my feet up. I decided to keep Sam in his car seat thinking if I fell it would be safer. I couldn't do it. Every time I tried to walk I would slip. So there I am standing in the street with Samuel crying next to me in his car seat. It was awful. Then a car stopped! And a guy got out and said "need some help". Thank God! He walked Samuel up the driveway and then came back down and walked me up the driveway. Seriously if I was a hugger I would of hugged him. In fact I almost became a hugger today, but he probably would of thought I was weird because he was probably only in high school.

Dave got home, pulled my car in the garage first try. Darn him!

Well, this will probably be my last post before our trip. Dave's parents are braving the roads to come down here tomorrow. We leave Friday and come home Sunday. I am going to miss my little Samuel A TON. But Mommy and Daddy need this!

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Diane said...

have an AWESOME time! I'm so excited for you! Have a few glasses of wine for me too!