Tuesday, January 30, 2007

I have been kind of lazy about my blogging lately. I am trying to update things about Samuel through pictures. But truth be told Samuel has been doing a lot of neat stuff lately. Ok, neat in my eyes. Saturday he had 6 month appointment and all was well. We discussed a variety of things. The main thing his bottles. Samuel has been having cereal in every bottle for a while now. So we thought, let us see if he will take it with out. HA! Samuel wanted nothing to do with a cereal-less bottle. So I emailed the doctor to find out if he can just have cereal. Dave compared it to one day someone telling me I can only have chicken broth. Uh, good point. So for now Samuel eats his cereal enriched bottles, did I mention he officially holds his own bottle too? I also told the doctor about the many food allergies I thought Samuel had. He didn't seem to think that was the case. So Samuel has been eating carrots (and loving them) and tonight tried peaches. He liked those too! But they are so much more runny than carrots so they got everywhere. He gets so excited to eat. He is also learning to clap. Ok not like the way you and me clap but it is an attempt. We say YEAAAH and he claps. Now, like everything else he only does this when he wants to. Never ever when we want to show someone. He grabs at everything. We no longer let him sit in his chair on the table at dinner because he grabs at everything around him. But he sits in his highchair. My hope is that even though he eats before us, I want him to be use to eating with us. Wow, this is getting long! He tastes everything that goes on his feet to make sure it is "okay" (yes I did mean to type feet). Diaper changes are so fun for him because he has his feet for entertainment. Oh to be that flexible. I can't even touch my feet, should I admit that? Bedtime is now around 7:00 or 7:30. Wake up time is now back to 6:15ish. Yes that make us happy, it beats 4:00!! That was rough.

So there you have it my cliff note version of Samuel's latest and greatest. This boy amazes me everyday!

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So Handsome!!!!!!!