Saturday, January 06, 2007

Well we were back at the doctor's office today. Lucky for us our Pediatrician was working today so we didn't have to go to Urgent Care. Samuel has been waking up crying the last few nights and only eating half of his bottle. Well today he stopped eating all together. He would just scream. Turns out that he now has an ear infection and soar throat too. Poor little guy. He just have a tough time lately. But the good news is his RSV seems to be under control. The doctor said on a scale of 1-10 Samuel was a 3. YIPEE!

I think we probably cover the rent at his office as much as we seem to be there. In fact, the doctor thinks Samuel likes him more than us! He said he can live with him and we can get him on the weekends.....hmmmmm....tempting :o). He also pointed out to us that Samuel stopped crying the minute he walked in the room.

Samuel's Grandma Carol and Papa Bill were here this week to help take care of him. They spent Thursday and Friday with us. Samuel sure got spoiled! Rumor has it Papa Bill even sang and danced for him! Where was the camera!!!!!! Samuel was sad to see them go (and so were we) but they will be back in a few weeks to watch him while Mommy and Daddy go to Vegas for the weekend!

We are going back to the doctor Monday to make sure he is getting better. Hopefully he can go back to daycare next week. His teacher called me yesterday to tell me how much she missed him!

Samuel hasn't been just laying around being sick though. The picture above is post roll-over about a week ago. We missed it and he hasn't done it again but that doesn't matter. He still did it and when I actually update his baby book I am putting it down. He is also so close to sitting up on his own. He is going to be 6 months old this week, I can't believe it.


Rachella said...

Poor little guy. I swear he has just been thru too much this past few weeks.

Diane said...

Marielle has a cough too... it just started so I'm taking her to the doctor today or tomorrow. Poor little Samuel! Get well soon buddy!

ps- Fred Penner is a canadian kids show from when I was little! He sang the cat came back, if that rings a bell... lol