Friday, March 30, 2007

Bam Bam Bam

So, I went to pick up Samuel today and they said he was so happy. His teacher also said since he got his tubes he is like a new baby! I then asked, well how did he do with his helmet? She told me that Samuel really likes his helmet and that he head butts everything. He even started headbutting a little boy that was laying on the floor!! She had to tell me how hard it is to tell a baby no and not laugh because what he is doing is hilarious. OH I wish I could of seen that. Apparently this baby cries a lot so Samuel probably just wanted him to stop.

That made me laugh so hard I had tears.

I also laughed so hard I had tears when I realize I accidentally emailed my friends and family 131 pictures of Samuel, when I only met to send like 10! The first line of the email was here are a "few" pictures. I am so embarrassed. But it is kind of funny.

Well it is 6:30 and Samuel is already asleep. I am going to go enjoy my evening.

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Rachella said...

That is hilarious.