Wednesday, March 28, 2007

I Needed The Helmet Tonight

Well I am not use to a curious baby. I did fine when the only way he could get around was by me picking him up. Last week it started with the bouncy chair incident..then bottle cap that he almost choked on..then it was the fact I can no longer just leave my shoes laying around (Samuel rolled on over to them and stuck them in his mouth)..but tonight took the cake! When I got home from work I put Samuel in the middle of the bed, like I always do, and went the bathroom. Then I hear a BUMP and a scream and that quickly he rolled off the bed. He was crying, I was crying and we were both a mess. Once Samuel calmed me down I thought everything was okay. And then I saw it on our way out to dinner. The goose egg on the back of his head with a scratch. I don't think he has a concussion. I googled it when I got home and he didn't have the symptoms. He is also very close to crawling (yes just like he is very close to getting a tooth). My guess will be by Easter.

So, now that he is a curious mobile baby, I see the good in the helmet. Not only will it fix the shape of his will protect while he is in that clumsy age of exploring the world.

Stay tuned, tomorrow we get the helmet. And you know pictures will be posted!


B'Sue said...

For every little accident that the Lord sees you thru, take the lesson to heart. Leartn from it to become a better parent and share it with others so they can learn too. Oh wait... you already did share. See what a good Mommy you are!!!!! Lots of Love,ME=)

Rachella said...

OH NO. I bet you were a mess. I look forward to Saturday!