Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Big Day

Today was a busy all began at about 6:15 when we hit the road for Oklahoma City. This morning was Samuel's first appointment to get started on correcting his little head misshapen. What is the misshapen you ask? Well, when Samuel was a lot smaller (I was going to say a baby but he still is a baby) he favored looking to the right all the time. We started to notice at about 3-4 months that his head was a lot flatter on one side. Dr. Sood kept saying more tummy time Mommy....but my little Samuel didn't like tummy time! When Samuel was about 4 months old we started physical therapy to see if we could correct the shape of his head by changing positions. Samuel had fun at each visit, but unfortunately we were not able to get the shape corrected. So..that is what brought us to Oklahoma City today. Samuel had a mold made of his head and they are making him his very own "helmet". The helmet is going to help take pressure off of one side and put pressure on the other. The entire process will take about 3-6 months. But given the history of baldness on both sides of the family we decided this was well worth it. In fact it doesn't even bother the babies. And to prepare him they suggested Samuel start wearing a hat to get use to it, thus the above picture. And the hat stayed on for about as long as it took to take the picture. Dave asked if it was going to make his hair stop growing or go bald in spots and they said it actually stimulates growth. So we are considering helmet therapy for Dave too.

And if that wasn't enough excitement Samuel also went to the Ear Nose and Throat doctor to meet him. The doctor agreed with Dr. Sood and we are going to have them put tubes in Samuel's ears. He said the entire procedure takes about 15 minutes. So that should be quick and painless. It will help reduce all his ear infections...4 in 3 months was a bit much for all of us.

Samuel you can never say your first year of life was boring! It certainly has been an eventful one. But through it all you are still classified by all you meet as a "very happy baby". Oh and last night you were AGAIN called the "Gerber Baby". These people give your Mommy such a big head.


B'Sue said...

Enjoy it all!!!
Life is Great =)

Rachella said...

I am sorry to hear that he has to wear a helmet & about the tubes!

Steph said...

Oh my gosh,Christy,poor little thing,he is one tough cookie!He does always look so happy in every pic.You sure are an awsome mommy,wich I knew you would be.