Monday, March 05, 2007


Well the picture below is about as far as that car seat got. It is so complicated and not user friendly! I am tempted to write a review on it on Babies R Us but I am not sure if "user error" is causing all this grief. Needles to say Dave took it out of his car today and we are back to the infant car seats til the weekend. Oh it just so frustrating! I hate when an object is smarter than me.

Samuel went back to the doctor today, YES again. Saturday night he started acting like he didn't feel good and last night he really didn't. He kept waiving his hand by his ear so I figured his ear hurt. He has another ear infection so that means tubes in the ear. He has just been having a rough winter. We are ready for Samuel to be healthy! I don't think he has gone a week since Christmas with out something.

I can't wait for Thursday night..I am getting spoiled facial, massage and pedicure. Dave is picking up Samuel and I am getting pampered :o).

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