Thursday, March 29, 2007

This Was Too Easy

Ok, Samuel is spoiling US. Did Samuel care today when he suddenly had this big plastic helmet on his head? No. Not a bit. The boy has barely even touched it. Needless to say this has made this whole process even easier on us because he doesn't care. I think we are in for it when baby number 2 comes along (NO there is not currently a baby number 2 on the way), we surely couldn't be blessed with two low maintenance babies. I mean after all one would have to take after Mommy :o).

In case your curious, here is a website that gives more detail on what is going on with Samuel's head. This is nothing I knew about and while most babies will not ever go through this, some will and we should know more about it. It has become even more common now that babies are put on their backs to sleep.

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Diane said...

that helmet is adorable! I'm so glad he took it well. haha he will just love those pics when he's older!