Thursday, January 10, 2008

Better Than A Baby Book

Last night I had some time to look through Samuel's blog and remember some of those memories that just slip away. Dave and I had a few good laughs. Like when I thought Samuel was allergic to every food I gave him or the time I put him to bed in his bouncy seat because he was congested and he fell out and was wedged between it and the crib. I also looked at all his pictures and can't believe how fast time goes by and how amazing this little boy is. What a first year, he is one tough cookie! Started out just a small 5 pound baby. It seemed like we were at the doctor every week for something (we probably were there). I hate to be mushy but as it gets closer to the arrival of his brother I want to make sure Samuel stays my baby. I don't want him to grow up.

I also realize how much I stressed over milestones! Woo Wee. I am making a promise to myself to cut some slack to the little guy in my belly. I know now in good time he will get where he needs to be. I am sure his big brother can help.

So Samuel, I am sorry your baby book has more empty pages than full and that your baby photo album only goes until you are 2 days old. But I am happy we have this blog and plan on figuring out how to print it out and save it. You also have a baby box that I keep all things I think are important.

Remember even in a few months when your brother gets here you are still Mommy's little burger and I love you so much!!! And you are going to be an AWESOME big brother.

Okay, enough about that. Tomorrow is my birthday and Samuel is going to spend the night with his cousin Aaron and Mommy and Daddy are going on a date. YIPEE. I will be the big 31! I think we will go see 27 dresses, Dave doesn't think we will....I do though. It is my month..oops I mean day!

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Happy Birthday!