Thursday, January 17, 2008


Tonight on my way home I got to go to Target WITHOUT Dave. This is such a treat for me because he can not question everything I put in the cart. He has this weird thing about buy only what we need. I went there with a list of 3 things I needed:

Toilet Paper

And all that cost me over $100.00! When I got home I found that strangely other things appeared in my basket like:

2 (not one) bottles of Lever 2000 (have I mentioned my craving for the smell of good ol' fashion soap)
PJ's for Samuel
Bedtime lotion for Samuel
2 12 packs of soda
Baby wipes (we weren't even close to be out)
Method - hand soap, shower cleaner and tile and tub spray (again back to the smell of soap thing)

I have no idea why Dave never lets me do the shopping by myself.

Should have gone to Walmart.....

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