Tuesday, January 01, 2008

I Guess...

I guess after being off work for 11 days it is time to go back. I should send a little apology note to school with Samuel tomorrow as I have successfully messed up the schedule they were working so hard to get him on. But it was hard work messing up the house each day, we couldn't do that on just one nap like he has at school! And I should also mention to them he prefers his (two) naps on the couch with his Mommy now. I actually do too.

While on vacation I have learned that with Samuel it is "monkey see monkey do". He mimicked everything I did! It was kind of cute, it was like having my own little helper. He liked to help fold laundry, take ornaments off the Christmas tree, wipe up messes and pick up his toys. He also repeated almost everything I said (with-in reason) and even called a few friends to say "Happy New Ear (ear year they sound the same)"! We have been working on colors and the first one he has learned was "lellow". Samuel really has quite the vocabulary, he talks a lot. Don't know who he gets that from......

We rang in the new "ear" with a nice dinner out with all the other families with small children (and people over 70) at 5:00 PM. We didn't make it to midnight but heck I am not complaining, I wouldn't want it any other way! I was with Dave and Samuel and even felt a few kicks from our little bun in the oven.

As fun as it all was, I think it is best for both of us if I go back to work and he goes back to school (probably a lot smarter). We both miss our friends that are our own age!

Happy New Year!!!! We hope this year is full of everything that makes you happy.

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