Tuesday, January 08, 2008

I Think I Am Going To Do It..

I think I am going to buy Samuel a bed. I have such a hard time make decisions (thanks mom got it from you) and always over think everything. But, no I am going to buy it.

So now I can add to my growing shopping list:

-Double Stroller
-New Car Seat To Fit Double Stroller
-New Bedding For #2's Room (he has a name it is just secret)
-New Changing Table For #2
-New Blankets For #2
-New Bed For Samuel
-New Bedding To Fit New Bed For Samuel (I am totally being cost effective by getting bedding to match his current theme in the room, just call me budget Christy)
-New Pillow For New Bed

But really Dave, if you are reading this we can totally afford another baby we don't have to buy anything we have everything left from Samuel. The things above are necessities not frivolous. And daycare heck, we didn't think we could pay for it for Samuel..what is double what we are paying now?

One day he will take over the bills and it will be a sad sad day for me.

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rachella said...

Sounds fun!!