Monday, April 14, 2008

2 Weeks

Cooper you turned two weeks yesterday. I can already tell you that your brother got way more baths than you and I changed his outfits a lot more. So I apologize in advance about that. I may have even changed his diaper more....yikes! The good thing is you don't get too dirty during the day while you are playing. Oh that would be because you sleep during the day and are awake at night! Yes, that is right my son you have your days and nights mixed up. Hoping by 4 weeks I can say that is done.

You pretty much sleep so not much to report. But you did have your two week appointment today and you weighed.......6 lbs 14.5 oz. That means you gained 9.5 oz in two weeks. You were 18 1/4 inches. Way to go. The doctor said you were her first two weeker of the day that had lost their umbilical cord and loved your blond hair. She thought you were so sweet. Your regular pediatrician is out of the country so you won't see him until your two month appointment. But we like Dr. Jones just the same.

You are a really sweet baby. Only cry when you are hungry or dirty diaper. Just like your brother. But I promise I won't compare the two of you all the time! I love your gas smiles because it is a sneak preview of all the smiles to come in the future.

So Cooper here is to two weeks! I just want to cherish all these moments they go so fast! Yes even the moments when I think I will loose my mind!!!!


tori said...

hey there christy. i am glad that you like our van. you need to just convince dave that you need a van!!! it is so much better than an SUV! tell him that it is better on long trips, more room for storing such things like strollers, car seats, groceries etc...
and you're welcome for the encouraging words, remember all of us moms need each other and we've all been where you are.
no i had no idea that grace and samuel talked to each other through the fence. how sweet is that? if you ever need a break and want samuel to come play, just let me know, i know the kids would enjoy it. talk to you soon.

rachella said...

Sounds like you have had a rough couple weeks. Cooper is just adorable. I love his blonde hair too!!