Friday, April 04, 2008

How A Boy Named Cooper Made His Way..

It took 7 trips to the hospital to get it right. But I KNEW he would come last weekend. Mainly because my sister and mom chose the same weekend to be out of town....
Dave's parents came for the weekend and left Sunday morning. They even asked if they should stay another day (since we were at the hospital the night before) but we said no. Four hours into their drive and half way through me making rice crispy treats I thought I peed my pants. It wasn't a gush like Samuel though so I thought isn't my water. 15 minutes later Dave's parents turned around and my good friend Rachella was on her way to pick up Samuel. Thank goodness that worked out! We got to the hospital they confirmed it was my water and I let them know that I told my doctor on Thursday my water would break this weekend and she said if it did she would deliver even though she wasn't on call. My doctor didn't have anyone to watch her little ones so she needed me to deliver before 9:00 PM. Things started pretty slow as my contractions hadn't started. Well, they started meds to get the contractions going. I started beating up Dave and praying the epidural guy would get there soon. Epidural in and I was relieved. My nurse told us it would be a few hours yet and then the on call doctor came in. She said this baby was coming and to call my doctor because she would watch her kids. My doctor arrived a few pushes and out came Cooper! I think we got to the hospital around 2:30 and he was here at 8:52.

Cooper had a little trouble with his breathing but they blamed that on the quick decent from me to the world. He spent the first night in the nursery so they could watch him and then came to meet us. I couldn't believe how blonde his hair was and how much he looked like Samuel! He is a good baby. Dave kept waiting for him to cry. He is now a bit jaundice but other than that doing wonderful. He sits in the window for his tanning a few times a day. I hear that helps with the jaundice. He likes to have his awake time when we like to have our asleep time but I bet that fixes itself soon. He is very loved by his brother.

Samuel loves his brother Cooper! He gives him kisses all the time and tries to give him his bottle or binky when ever it is within his reach. He doesn't quiet understand why his brother "Puper" doesn't say hi back to him so he tends to repeat it a lot in the morning. He tells him he loves him a million times and showers him with kisses. We have tried to do special things for him, but to be honest it seems to us that Samuel isn't having a problem adjusting....yet!

We feel like first time parents all over but our family is complete!

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rachella said...

Great post! Sounds like Sam loves his brother. If you need a break from two kids, we will be happy to watch Sam anytime! Caleb LOVES having him over. We enjoyed it too.