Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Cooper Is One Month Old!

Happy Birthday, Cooper!

Hard to believe you are already one month old, I would say it seems like yesterday that you were born, but I remember yesterday and I wasn't having you. But I can say that this month flew by!!

According to our scale here at home you weigh 10 pounds, which translates to zero if you ask me. I believe our scale weighs at least 10 pounds heavy. But, if it was right then you have gained 4 pounds and that I believe. You are eating every 3 hours (sometimes 2) and about 5-6 ounces! You are on the same super expensive formula your brother was on. So right now you go through almost 3 cans a week. Besides eating you sleep and poop just like every other newborn.

You finally got night and day figured out. So though you are up every 3 hours to eat at night you go right back to sleep, in your bouncy chair. My goal for this week is to break that habit and get you in your crib. You spend about 3 hours (maybe more) total awake each day. Which is nice, I love looking at your blue eyes. I hope they stay blue!! And I am not just saying that because I have blue eyes...I don't....your dad does.

You are quite patient with your big brother. He steps on you, pulls off your socks, squeezes your hands and feet, pokes you in the eye, pokes you in the nose, steals your binky and takes your bottle away from you when you are not close to being finished. He also wakes you from a peaceful sleep every morning with a very loud "Hi DUPER!!" and about 10 kisses. I don't even get 10 kisses. I am sure in your mind you can't wait to be mobile, paybacks!!

I can't wait to see what month 2 brings us. Hopefully a few smiles that are not induced by gas!!

We love you Cooper!!!

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