Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Last Night

Another adventure with my favorite topic POOP! Yes, our lives now revolve around poop. And it just so happens that both of my boys are having pooping issues at the present time. Wonderful.

Last night Dave went to go change Samuel's diaper and put him in his pj's. When he picked up him up he noticed his bottom was wet. I thought, big deal he sat in something. Then I hear "oh no Christy come here". He had explosive diarrhea. I hear Dave telling Samuel to tell us when he poopies and I get in there to a mess. It had been there awhile. Poor guy! I have to convince him a bath will make his bottom feel better and he finally goes. And sits on his knees the whole time, I don't think he realized that his bottom was still in the water. So as he took his bath, we had fun reciting all the body parts he knows. Eyes, ears, mouth, nose, chin, face, elbow, hands, knees, feet, and toes. What we didn't recite was bottom and apparently his bottom was upset over that. So it spoke to us in the form guessed it another explosion! Bath water instantly not clear anymore. I snatched him out of the tub before it spread too close to him washed him off and all the while he is looking at me like I wasn't done with my bath. Dave to the rescue he thankfully cleans tub accidents (and throw up accidents). I got Samuel dressed and he went in the bathroom to cheer his Dad on by saying "poop poop" as Dave cleaned it up. The "poop" has caused a HORRIBLE rash. And after Samuel got dressed and helped his dad clean it up he came out to hang out. He sat down and said "oooooh" and then stood up and pointed at his bottom and said "hurt". Then he found a book and we read it and he went to bed. Just like that he forgot. But I didn't.

I emailed the doctor this morning to give them my diagnosis as to why Samuel has diarrhea. Last week I blamed his antibiotic this week I blame his breathing treatment medicine. After all, it couldn't be a virus. I need a reason!!

I did mention that BOTH of my boys were having poop issues. Cooper's problem has been like this:
Pebbles, normal, no poop, pebbles, diarrhea and now rocks. So I emailed the doctor about him too. We are thinking a simple formula change will help him. But really, they must think I am obsessed with poop since I have emailed them numerous times in the past 2 weeks describing someones poop (or stools). And I am starting to wonder if I am.


rachella said...

Caleb has a virus too. He has been throwing up, but luckily no poop issue yet.

M, J, B, G, Sam & Sadie said...

Hi! I am a friend of Tori's and I saw your page on hers. Your boys are adorable! The poop story is one I've lived before, I believe! But...your husband gets a pat on the back for cleaning up the poopy tub...cuz my hubby wouldn't do something like that if his life depended on it! ha ha