Thursday, April 24, 2008


I could totally be a SAHM if my (soon to be) two year old stayed in daycare and my 3 week old slept as much as he does now. I even made Samuel some cookies to have when he gets home. I feel domestic. My house smells great too! Granted the cookies came out of a tub but still.

I have also started looking up ideas for Samuel's birthday. Okay too much time on my hands if I am planning a birthday that is in JULY!

With all this time how does it go so fast?? There is a possibility that I will have to go back to work in 4 weeks and the thought just frightens me. I hate the thought of leaving my baby. Yes even if I can't be a SAHM.

Or could I be a SAHM????

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The Burdick family said...

Hop on board to the SAHM train. (I'm so old it took me a couple of minutes to get what that meant - Gosh I feel like my mom), but you might want to jump off when the baby one day wakes up and decides that he doesn't want to sleep anymore, and oh yeah, won't be put down long enough to even go to the bathroom. *can you tell I'm having one of those mornings* :)ENJOY! These days are precious!