Friday, June 27, 2008

3 Months

How in the world did your 3 months on this earth happen so fast. Cooper, it has been a blur! And I want to apologize up front for the fact that I have not completely obsessed over every single thing you have done. Maybe because I know in time you will do all you need to and I am in no rush.

About you.
You are such a laid back boy. And to me I think you think a lot. You focus on objects and just stare. Your hero is your brother. You are fascinated with all he does. You can hang out in your swing and just watch him. Occasionally we even catch you with a little giggle when he does something silly. I think the feeling is mutual. Now, you are laid back but you also have a temper. When you want something you want it. And if you want be left alone you let us know.

You aren't nearly as stingy with your smiles anymore. In fact the other morning I came in to wake you up (hey that doesn't sound right) and you opened your eyes and smiled. Then you screamed, but you were hungry.

Your hair is still so blonde and it even has a cute little curly-Q in front. Hey, you kind of remind me of cupid. I could say something really corny right now. But I won't.

I mentioned your swing earlier. OMG I love your swing, probably as much as you. We even had to buy a new one because your first swing broke. Even your Dad let me replace it that day. That is how much you love your swing.

We are enjoying the fact that you are sleeping from about 9:30-6:00. I hope you are enjoying it too. And the last two nights you have slept without your bouncy chair.

School is going fantastic. This week one of the teachers said "cutest boy, but SLOWEST eater". It is true you do eat slow. Sorry. Your brother gets to visit you often and you are melting their hearts just as we knew you would.

Now for the sad part. There is a reason I am posting this before you actually turn 3 months. Mommy has to go away for a few days for work. I am DREADING this. It will be my first time away from you and your brother this long. I hate it. But work it is and I need to go. I know you will have a great time with Daddy. But please keep sleeping through the night!! And keep your big brother in line.

Love you Cooper Jakob!!!

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Maury said...

That kid looks ornery...