Wednesday, June 11, 2008

I Hate Surprises

Even when the surprise isn't for me. I was so excited that I finally thought of something to get Dave for his birthday/father's day this year. He has a poster of the Nebraska football stadium that he loves. We have been talking about getting it framed since before we got married. See I stripped his house of all bachelor related things. Pictures could no longer be hung with push pins and a Nebraska flag hanging over the couch didn't cut it. I also took out his sailboat shower curtain in his bathroom and put up a flower one. The Nebraska shower curtain in the other one was replaced with dragon flies. Flowers needed to be planted and a welcome mat placed by the door. I basically barfed girl all over the place. But, I always said I liked the picture of the football stadium and we should hang it up. But not with push pins. So a few weeks ago I took it and got it framed. Today I picked it up and hid it. But I made sure to show Samuel where I hid it. Then I said it was a surprise for Daddy. But it was killing me. I kept trying to get Samuel to accidentally show Daddy his present and Samuel kept saying no! All I could think about was the stupid picture and how I couldn't handle it being right there in the house. Dave kept asking me what was wrong and I would say nothing. But it wasn't true. There was something wrong, I had a surprise and it wasn't that I was pregnant this time! A half hour later I pulled out the picture and gave it to him. I was so relieved, but then very sad because now I have nothing to give him on Father's Day or his Birthday. See I hate surprises.

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M, J, B, G, Sam & Sadie said...

You crack me up. I used to be like that....JUST like that. Now I still struggle to keep a surprise hid...but I do it because like you said, you either feel bad on the actual day because you have nothing or else you have to go out and shop AGAIN and spend more money. I've had my hubby's father's day present for about a week now and I've started to give it to him about 10 times...but so far, I've held out. I also NEVER show the kids or tell them where anything is or he'd have it the SECOND he walked in the door. haha