Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Not What I Had In Mind..

In an effort to get back to my high school weight (actually I will take my pre-baby weight) I ordered Wii Fit. I also paided twice as much as it was worth because I can't stand to be out bid on Ebay! I promised Dave that I would use it and make it worth every penny, so it is all good. Today it finally arrived! Only it didn't, a brand new set of Rachel Ray pans arrived today with an invoice that said Wii Fit. I sure hope the seller rectifies this and that Dave really does believe me when I tell him I didn't buy the pans.

I will keep the pans for my pain and suffering but give me my Wii Fit!!

1 comment:

M, J, B, G, Sam & Sadie said...

No WAY!!! That's AWFUL!!! Now instead of something to help you lose weight...it's something to help you eat more!! ha ha
kind of ironic!
That is CRAZY! I've never had good luck with e-bay. I know some people LOVE it...but I've had more bad experiences than good ones.
Hope your Wii fit arrives soon! I think I would LOVE something like that...but quite pricey for me. Plus, don't you have to have the Wii thingy first too?