Monday, June 09, 2008

Two Stories - One Subject POOP

Dave was giving Samuel a bath the other day while I finished up with Cooper's. This was pre-multitasking Christy so they were still getting separate baths. Not the point of the story so I will move on. Well I hear Dave so excited because Samuel went "potty" in the tub. I know gross. But he knew he was going potty! And that isn't gross, that is exciting. He even stopped mid flow to tell Dave he was going potty. Well Dave explained that when he needs to "potty" to go like this (insert Dave grunt). If you are on the same page as me you probably think associating a grunt with potty isn't good. So I come in to get Samuel and Dave said Samuel show mommy how you potty. Go (insert grunt again). Well, I am looking at Samuel thinking he isn't going potty. So I mention to Dave that the grunt looks like he is going to "poop" not potty. Dave didn't believe me. But then you heard the familiar sound of plop plop into the tub. I was right and I made Dave clean it up. But I think we are getting closer to potty training!!!

Cooper continues to have problems with pooping. We have to give him cereal at night or he is up every 2 hours to eat. And we both work so that doesn't work for us. Well, with cereal comes constipation. On Sunday I gave Cooper some prune juice. I have done that before, but this time it worked especially well. In fact I was holding him and smelled some poop so we went to change the diaper. As I am cleaning up his small poop and getting ready to put on a new diaper it was made apparent to me that he wasn't done. The poop shot out across the room, literally. There was poop on the fan, carpet, the door, it even reached as far as the bathroom door. I repositioned Cooper and then came round two. Shot out again this time hitting his toys, me and his crib. And all the while Dave is blaming me! I would have loved to see him handle this situation any better. He said you should have put a diaper on if Cooper gave me time! Samuel was upset because he stepped in the poop. I am trying to clean it up as I am covered in it myself. And Cooper just laid there with this little smile on his face and the look of relief. I felt he put a new meaning to the "shit hit the fan" for me. I will forever remember when it really did hit the fan.

I am not great with re-capping stories but hopefully you got the picture. Heck I should have took a picture!

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M, J, B, G, Sam & Sadie said...

Oh my gosh! What "fun"!! ha ha
I remember all those poopy times. We are still working with Grant, whose now 4. He goes poop in the potty fine..but we're trying to teach him to wipe his own butt. Not a good idea.He will use the ENTIRE roll of toilet paper and STILL have crap all over his hind end. A week or so ago he had used the whole roll of toilet paper, 2 wash cloths, a towel and had even gotten it on the shower curtain and the bathroom rug. ICK! So for now, mommy's the butt-wiper. ha ha